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Bass Head Speaker Ranks ALL-Terrain Sound Best Portable Outdoor Speaker!


#1 The All-Terrain Sound (ATS) Outdoor Speaker

It’s one thing to bring your audio out into the open, and another to treat it like part of your outdoor gear. Believe it or not, the All-Terrain Sound (ATS) is a rugged, weatherproof, waterproof and shock proof outdoor wireless outdoor speaker that allows you to break away from the solitude of your headphones and enhance the world’s best experiences. The ATS is designed for the person who needs a speaker that can keep up with their active and adventurous lifestyle. Whether you love white water rafting, mountain biking, or playing a round of golf, the ATS can hook to just about anything, allowing you to listen to your favorite music and answer phone calls in any environment you can image. This is simply one of the coolest and most stylistic speaker out there that’s just about suitable for almost any rugged environment you can go.
  • Rugged Bluetooth Waterproof Personal Speaker – “The GoPro of Speakers!”
  • Industrial Strength Clip + Attachable Suction Cup help you to use it anywhere. Clip it to your belt, your backpack, bike, golf cart, golf bag, clip it to your kayak, suction cup it to your shower wall, kitchen wall, golf cart window, or anywhere else you can imagine
  • Ruggedized design that can withstand several drops from 10+ft direct onto concrete
  • Weatherproof design allows you to use ALL-Terrain Sound® in almost any environment and not worry!
  • Lasts for over 14 hours of direct use!
The ATS outdoor speaker has one of the best rugged designs out there that can withstand all kinds of environmental pressures – such as exposure to water, dust, shock and frost.
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