Drifter - The First Smart Portable Waterproof Speaker Designed For The Outdoors


"The company went to extremes to ensure Drifter could hold up against the toughest conditions." - IQ by Intel

"the most versatile little waterproof speaker on the market" - DigitalTrends

"the first speakers that runs on its own operating system, meaning it can load up music and play it back without the help of a smartphone." - TechCrunch

"At your next pool party, we hereby call for your group of friends to band together and leave your phones inside." - Urban Daddy

"Equipped with a touchscreen interface the Drifter speaker can be loaded with its own range of smart applications allowing you to tailor it to your exact requirements." - Geeky Gadgets

"Waterproof speakers come in handy when you need a soundtrack for your end-of-summer pool or beach party." - Tech Times

"If you want a vacation from your smartphone but still need tunes, a Bluetooth speaker called Drifter may be just the gadget." - Engadget

"the built-in storage is a feature too invaluable to pass up." - ubergizmo

"...finding an adequate option [for an outdoor speaker] becomes harder. Add in ruggedness and buoyancy, and the options dwindle to almost nothing. Thusly enters the Drifter" - SlashGear

"The Drifter is actually one of the very few speakers in the market that has its own operating system and can function without a connected smartphone or tablet." - Android Community

"Drifters aren’t just another speaker set with Bluetooth, but these can play music by themselves, if connectivity to speakers isn’t possible." - Gizmo Times

"an innovative and portable wireless speaker" - Gadget Sin

"To fully enjoy your lifestyle, don’t risk bringing your smartphone with you." - NewTrend Insight

"[For other speakers] a very delicate and usually non-waterproof smartphone needs to be within close proximity. But the folks at Freedom Audio don’t believe that should be the case, and so they built the Drifter." - Before it's News